You can now support my Assimp-efforts on Patreon

Since the last year thing are getting wild in Asset-Importer-Lib. A lot of feature requests are coming in, a lot of bugfixes and a lot of very useful bug-reports. Unfortunately it is getting more harder for me to adress all these requests during my rare free-time. Or let it say in a different way: it is getting impossible.

But of course I thought a lot about this issue. I have a day-time-job at SLM-Solutions and a family. Most of the work I am doing for Asset-Importer-Lib will be done at night. So a lot of feature-rquest will not be adressed.

But I found: Patreon

Patreon is a web-service which wants to support all the creators doing their great job at home. You can spend a small amount of money if you want to support the creator for reaching a special goal like finishing a film or a comic.

In my case the goals will be stuff like finishing an automated installer build of the current master or be able to focus on one special feature. So I created a Patreon-Page for myself here: Kim Kulling on Patreon

So if you like what I am currently doing in Asset-IMporter-Lib you can follow me there. And if you really really like what I am currently doing or Assimp helped you to earn some money and you need a special feature you can get a Patreon for my work for Asset-Importer-Lib.

Feel free to request other features or just discuss this here …

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