About me & impressum

Hi I am Kim Kulling, working as a professional Software-Developer for more than 13 years until now. I used a lot of different hardware-platforms ( C16, Amiga500, x86-PCs, Mobile Deviles, Embedded Platforms ) with a lot of languages like C/C++, C#, Java, Fortran ( the old-fashioned F77 and F90 ), Pascal, BAsic, Assember, HTML, Python, Lua and some more I have forgotten. I worked on big simulations, UI’s, games 3d-paty software for game developers and many more stuff,

In my freetime I am working on Asset-Importer-Lib, OSRE and other private projects. And of course: sometimes I try to help others as well.

I am living with by family in Luebeck, Germany.

Kim Kulling
Vilmring 24
23560 Luebeck
Email: kim.kulling(at)googlemail.com
Mobile: +49 151 24179020

You can find me:
Twitter: @KimKulling
Github:  https://github.com/kimkulling

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